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How to Spot and Avoid Distracted Drivers

How to Identify and Steer Clear of Distracted Drivers Distracted driving was a phrase we rarely heard before cellphones became ubiquitous, and most people today associate the alarming rise in distracted driving and distracted drivi...

How to spot (and avoid) a distracted driver

Stay Alert for Distracted Motorists Accidents involving distracted drivers account for nearly 3,000 deaths and more than 400,000 injuries per year. While you can't control the actions of others, there are steps that you can take to redu...

Some Risks That Teenage Drivers Face

What Are the Top Risks Faced by Teen Drivers? No matter how much experience they have, all motorists face risks when they get behind the wheel, but for teen drivers, those risks are often magnified. Despite making up only 5.1% of all li...

Safe Driving Tips for the Fall Season

by Jay Mascolo, Esq. Your Guide to Staying Safe on the Road This Fall Each season brings its own set of hazards, and autumn is no different. While it is a beautiful time of year, it can also be a dangerous one for drivers. ...

Self-Driving Car Crashes Lead to New Questions

by Craig Aronow, Esq. Self-Driving Car Accident Rates Are on the Rise Since 2019, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cars sold with some sort of self-driving features. Also called autonomous cars, these vehi...

What to Know About New Jersey Drunk Driving Accidents

by Matt Bonanno, Esq. New Jersey Drunk Driving Accidents According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 32 people die in drunk driving-related accidents daily. Along with the deaths, drunk dri...

Key Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Crash

by Craig Aronow, Esq. What You Don't Want to Do After a Car Wreck In 2019, there were roughly 2.75 million motor vehicle accident injuries in the United States, and there were more than 38,000 motor vehicle fatalities that s...

Handling a Car Crash Caused by Potholes or Other Poor Road Conditions

by Matthew Bonanno, Esq. What to Do If Poor Road Conditions Cause a Crash Roughly one-third of all traffic fatalities each year involve poor road conditions. In these unfortunate situations, something like a pothole or massi...

2020 Saw Less Traffic While Auto-Related Fatalities Spiked

By Matthew Bonanno, Esq. 2020: A Year of Light Traffic and High Fatalities The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to a considerable amount of traffic, but that didn't necessarily mean that the roads were any safer - in fact, just ...

Does Your Gender Affect Your Risk of Injury in a Car Crash?

by Matt Bonanno, Esq. Are Car Crashes More Dangerous for Women? Your odds of getting in a car crash are typically one in 366 for every 1,000 miles you drive. However, there are certain things that can increase your risk of i...

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