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Trucking Companies

Trucking companies rely on trucking industry lawyers with extensive experience in the rules governing New Jersey roads and highways. You should too. If you get into an accident with a truck on any NJ road, call the best trucking accident lawyers at RAM Law. They have the expertise and the resources to prepare a case and negotiate a fair and just settlement for you and your family. Don’t hesitate after you get into an accident and don’t talk to anyone until you call your NJ attorney at RAM Law.

What Happens in an Accident Caused by a Commercial Truck?

Commercial trucks are a familiar sight on highways and local roads in New Jersey. Big trucks — including tractor-trailers, box trucks and delivery trucks — are an important part of the transportation industry. When a trucking company has deadlines to meet and more deliveries to make than available drivers, however, they may push drivers to work extra hours, greatly increasing the risk of a crash.

The size and weight of commercial trucks cause horrific injuries in an accident. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a truck, you need the expertise of an experienced truck accident attorney, visit Ram Law in the New Jersey areas we serve for the best representation.

What Are the Most Common Trucking Companies?

Some truck drivers own their own truck, but many truck drivers are employees of trucking companies. Trucking companies may be small, with just a small number of trucks, but many are large companies that are recognized nationwide. The most common trucking companies include:

Trucking Companies

Some of these companies own fleets of 18-wheelers that transport and deliver products all over the country. Others own smaller trucks that provide delivery services over shorter distances, often for people who’ve placed online orders.

Who’s Liable When an Accident is Caused by a Truck Owned by a Trucking Company?

In an accident with a truck owned by a trucking company, the driver may be at fault if there were errors made, such as distracted driving, speeding or driving recklessly. But other factors can lead to a wreck that may not be the driver’s fault. Other parties that may be liable include:

  • The trucking company. Owners of trucking companies are aware of state and federal regulations that spell out limits to the number of hours drivers can work without taking a break. The trucking company may be liable for an accident if they hired unqualified drivers or if they required drivers to exceed maximum hours of service specified in regulations.
  • Maintenance providers. When trucks are maintained or repaired by an outside company, that company may be partially liable if there’s mechanical failure caused by repairs not being done correctly.
  • Truck manufacturers. If an accident is caused by defective truck parts, the manufacturer of the truck or its individual parts may be considered partly liable.

The truck accident settlement process is complex. An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to identify all the parties who may be considered partially responsible for a truck accident. Your attorney knows exactly how to sue a trucking company successfully. Your lawyer helps you understand your rights and builds a case to obtain the maximum possible compensation.

How Do Trucking Companies Cover Themselves in an Accident?

If you were injured in an accident caused by a truck owned by a trucking company, you can be sure the company will do whatever it can to avoid paying you a full and fair compensation. Some actions they take include:

  • Hiring teams of lawyers to aggressively defend the trucking company
  • Attempting to get you to release their medical records to minimize your injuries
  • Offering a low settlement that only covers a small portion of the damages you’ve suffered

Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries. You may suffer pain and suffering, as well as extensive financial difficulties. For the best legal representation after a New Jersey truck accident, contact RAM Law for a free case review.

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