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Settlement amounts from trucking accidents are all over the board, although they help the injured party more often than not. To get the best settlement in New Jersey when you’re in an accident with a truck from Con-Way Freight/XPO Logistics, rely on the top Con-Way truck injury attorney from RAM Law. Whether your accident occurred on a NJ highway or one of the many state or local roads in the state, your Con-Way truck accident lawyer knows the ins and outs of the New Jersey regulations governing the trucking industry. Call RAM Law as soon as possible following an accident.

What’s the Average Settlement in Truck Accident Cases against Con-Way?

It’s hard to pinpoint a single number or even a rough estimate that accurately captures an average truck accident settlement against Con-Way Freight/XPO Logistics, or in general against any trucking company. Each case hinges on unique factors, ranging from the extent of the losses you’ve endured to the expertise of the attorney who’s advocating on your behalf.

As of 2023, there’s been a noticeable increase in the compensation figures awarded in severe truck accident cases. They’ve escalated to the point that they’re called nuclear awards. Nuclear sums are amounts so large they have the potential to drive a trucking company to bankruptcy. Although big trucking firms typically maintain extensive insurance policies, the rise in these nuclear awards has led insurance providers to put a cap on the coverage they’re willing to offer for a substantial settlement.

This implies that more trucking companies are left to foot the bill for the balance of hefty jury awards on their own. That’s why you need a trusted Con-Way truck accident attorney after your accident. Contact RAM Law and ask to speak with a Con-Way truck accident lawyer when you need one.

What Should I Do after a Con-Way Truck Hits My Car?

Getting into a trucking accident is often life-altering and terrifying. You may experience serious injuries.

Once you’re stabilized and safe, a few critical actions to take include:

  • Hire an attorney. Reach out to a lawyer at RAM Law without delay for immediate guidance and to give them consent to collect evidence on your behalf.
  • Document the accident. If it’s within your capability, write down and document any vivid memories you have of the accident from your own perspective. Take pictures of the vehicles and the surrounding environment on the scene.
  • Call the authorities. Report the incident to the police and your own insurance providers. Your attorney guides you on what needs to be kept confidential.
  • Contact eyewitnesses. Talk to potential witnesses at the scene if you’re not hurt too badly and able to move around.

The truck driver as well as other shipping entities may be held liable in your accident. When there’s been an accident involving a big rig in New Jersey, speak with a Con-Way Freight truck injury attorney to learn all your options. More than one person or entities may be held liable for the accident.

For example:

Why Do Con-Way Trucks Crash So Much?

Con-Way Freight/XPO Logistics have a high frequency of accidents. According to a 2022 filing, Con-Way Freight/XPO Logistics vehicles were involved in 176 accidents, responsible for 18 fatalities.

Multiple factors contribute to their high volume of accidents, including:

A Con-Way truck accident attorney answers your questions as you recover from the truck accident. The path to getting a proper settlement for your injuries and continued care can be confusing. Hire a Con-Way truck injury lawyer to take your case as soon after the accident as possible.

How Is Fault Determined after a Con-Way Truck Accident?

Determining fault involves examining the evidence introduced during settlement negotiations or at a jury trial. The more compelling your evidence to prove the defendant’s liability, the greater your chances of winning your case. Your Con-Way truck accident attorney gathers reports and other materials to show a clear picture of the involvement of all parties.

The opposing attorneys work diligently to prove that Con-Way Freight/XPO Logistics isn’t liable for the accident. Hire a seasoned Con-Way truck injury lawyer for your team who’s familiar with their tactics in New Jersey cases. A great Con-Way truck accident attorney leaves no room for the opposing side to gain the advantage.

If you’ve been injured in a Con-Way Freight truck accident and you need an experienced Con-Way truck injury lawyer, remember that RAM Law has been helping clients just like you. They’ve navigated challenging circumstances involving truck accidents with companies like Con-Way, Inc. for years. Get the help and resources you need to deal with personal injuries. Don’t deal with it on your own. Act now and contact a legal expert at RAM Law today.

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