Drunk or Drugged Driving Truck Accidents

Being involved in a traffic accident with a truck is bad enough, but if it was a drunk truck driver accident, it’s even worse. That’s when you need a drunk driver truck accident attorney. Whether the driver was drunk or driving under the influence of drugs — even prescription drugs — you deserve to be compensated for the damages and injuries you incurred. You also deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering since it was clear that you weren’t at fault. Call RAM Law in New Jersey to fight for your compensation.

What’s the Difference Between Drunk and Drugged Driving?

Drunk and drugged driving are both examples of impaired driving. Drunk driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence of illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine — as well as prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications — is referred to as drugged driving.

Even a minor accident involving a drunk or drugged driver can have disastrous results. If you have been in what you think was a drunk truck driver accident, contact a drunk driver accident firm quickly. The experts at RAM Law can answer all your questions and take care of all the details to make sure you’re fairly compensated. Get the guidance you need for the best legal advice and representation.

What Are the Consequences of Drunk or Drugged Driving?

Trucking companies enforce strict policies against impaired driving and take steps to avoid road accidents. Otherwise, both the driver and the company suffer serious consequences, including:

  • Loss of the driver’s commercial driver’s license
  • Increased insurance premiums for the truck driver
  • Financial penalties for the trucking company
  • A damaged reputation of the trucking company
  • Legal liability to the trucking company

To avoid drunk truck driver accidents and keep the NJ roadways secure, the state polices drivers to make sure no one operates a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The state also penalizes any driver when caught. When these kinds of driving accidents occur, the serious penalties include:

  • Legal consequences. If a drunk driver causes an accident, that driver faces criminal charges, fines or even imprisonment.
  • Financial consequences. Impaired driving accidents can be expensive for both the driver and others involved.
  • Physical injuries. These accidents cause severe physical injuries, which can be life-threatening in some instances. These and other truck accidents may result in wrongful deaths.
  • Emotional trauma. Being involved in an accident can be traumatic, and the emotional impact is worse if someone is hurt or killed.

Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

The legal blood alcohol concentration or BAC limit for commercial truck drivers in New Jersey is 0.04 percent, which is half the legal limit for non-commercial drivers. If a truck driver has blood alcohol rate of 0.04 percent or higher, the driver’s charged with drunk driving. The legal repercussions include fines, license suspension or revocation, and even prison time. Drunk truck driver accidents still happen, however.

If you think the truck driver in your accident was under the influence of either drags or alcohol, find a drunk driver truck accident attorney who can protect your rights. The ways that an attorney can help you include:

  • Knowledge of the law. A truck accident lawyer who’s handled impaired driving cases is familiar with the NJ laws and regulations that govern the trucking business.
  • Investigative resources. A truck accident lawyer has the means to conduct a comprehensive investigation, creating a compelling argument by working with specialists, gathering and protecting evidence, and speaking with witnesses.
  • Negotiation skills. They bargain with your insurance provider and other parties for a just settlement for you.
  • Litigation experience. To make sure you get the compensation you deserve, they argue your case persuasively and defend your rights.

Is It Easy to Get Compensation for the Accident?

While there’s a legal limit for BAC, there’s not a similar limit in the case of drugged driving. Still, your truck accident lawyer from RAM Law can develop a case that drunk or drugged driving was the reason for the accident. By handling the investigation, negotiations and litigation, the best trucking accident attorneys at RAM Law navigate the complex legal process for you.

To ensure you receive a fair settlement, your drunk driver truck accident attorney also bargains with the insurance companies on your behalf. Contact RAM Law in New Jersey right after any accident involving a drunk or drugged truck driver. Protect your rights and get compensated for your injuries, damages, pain, and suffering.

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