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In New Jersey, a Covenant Transport truck accident lawyer understands all the nuances involved when you get into an accident with a Covenant Transport vehicle. Large trucking companies have a slew of attorneys and investigators to cover their accidents. While they seek to pay out the least amount of compensation for your damages and physical injuries, your Covenant Transport truck injury attorney at RAM Law always looks out for your best interests. Call the NJ experts at RAM Law as soon as possible following a trucking accident.

Can I Sue Covenant Transport?

You have the right to sue the Covenant Transport truck driver or entities responsible for an accident. Covenant Transport, Inc. is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based trucking company. Covenant is responsible for shipping retail goods in New Jersey. In 2018, the company owned a total of 1,641 trucks. In spite of owning such a small number of trucks, the company still managed to earn 1,773 safety citations within a two-year window. During this time, Covenant Transport recorded 286 crashes, resulting in 130 injuries and 14 deaths.

If you found yourself in a Covenant Transport accident, contact a Covenant Transport truck accident attorney at RAM Law. Don’t let the negligence of a Covenant Transport driver and their team of attorneys keep you from getting the compensation you deserve. Let a trusted legal expert guide you through the settlement process. RAM Law has been helping clients like you for years get the compensation they deserve.

How Do I Rebuild My Life after a Trucking Accident?

The road to recovery from a Covenant Transport accident means healing from bodily injuries. Truck injuries are usually severe, due to the size of commercial trucks that can weigh up to 10 times more than a passenger car. Thankfully, injuries sustained in Covenant Transport accidents aren’t always fatal.

Common injuries received in these delivery truck accidents include:

Just because these injuries aren’t fatal doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. These types of physical damage create short-term to long-term disability. You may even be disabled for life. A trusted Covenant Transport truck injury lawyer understands the severity these injuries have on you and your loved ones.

Recovering from these types of injuries isn’t something to face alone. That’s why rebuilding your life after an accident and choosing the right Covenant Transport truck accident attorney is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for yourself. Don’t leave it up to chance. Choose RAM Law.

What Happens to Claims after Covenant Transport Accidents?

Anytime you’re involved in an accident with Covenant Transport, a Covenant Transport truck accident lawyer conducts a thorough investigation into the incident, looking for any signs of wrongdoing or negligence. Not only can you recover compensation as a victim of a Covenant Transport accident, you may also receive non-economic damages for the pain and suffering that you experience from your injuries.

Essentials covered in claims include:

  • Medical bills
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Lost and future earnings

Regretfully, due to the force and impact of these large trucks in accidents, they sometimes result in wrongful death, due to the mass and volume of Covenant Transport’s box trucks. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses incurred by a loved one prior to their death, as well as funeral costs.

How Is Fault Determined after a Covenant Transport Truck Accident?

Liability is proven by using the evidence collected by a panel of experts and investigators provided by your Covenant Transport truck accident attorney. When an accident occurs, trucking companies like Covenant Transport immediately send their team of experts to the scene. They want to avoid liability.

Your Covenant Transportation truck accident attorney also sends experts to the scene as soon as possible after the accident to:

  • Ensure the police report accurately describes the scene, including road conditions
  • Gather and protect additional evidence, such as tire tracks
  • Look for camera footage surrounding the scene
  • Take witness statements when possible
  • Photograph the entire scene

Often, several factors contribute to a truck accident involving a Covenant Transport truck. Your trusted Covenant Transport truck accident attorney helps you prove the trucker or trucking entities were at fault.

Common causes of accidents include:

There’s no excuse for a truck driver error or negligence. Anytime a Covenant Transport truck driver drives under the influence or drives while texting and it results in an accident, they must be held accountable. Responsibility may also fall to the trucking company, as well as the carrier. If you’ve been in an accident and need a Covenant Transport truck accident lawyer, contact RAM Law. RAM Law has experience representing victims of Covenant Transport truck accidents throughout New Jersey.

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