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Attorneys who specialize in truck accident cases typically are more forceful than those who cover every kind of legal issue. That’s why, when you get into an R+L Carriers truck accident in NJ, you can rely on an expert experienced in dealing with that company. Your best R+L Carriers truck accident attorney in New Jersey is at RAM Law. They have the skills to get you the compensation you need to fully recover from your R+L Carriers truck accident. Call as soon as you can following the accident to get the best R+L Carriers truck injury attorney working for you. They get the best settlement for you while you heal.

How Do R+L Carriers Truck Accident Lawyers Help Me?

If you’ve been involved in an R+L Carriers truck accident, your best road to recovery includes having an experienced R+L Carriers truck accident lawyer on your case. Then you can rest and focus on healing. When you’ve been in an accident, R+L Carriers send a team of investigators to the scene to find proof that their driver wasn’t at fault. They want to avoid liability for the accident.

When you hire an R+L Carriers truck injury lawyer, you’re better able to get the fair compensation you need so you can concentrate on getting your life back together. A great R+L Carriers truck injury attorney makes you aware of your rights and fights for you. That’s why having the right attorney is paramount to getting the claim you deserve.

After a truck accident in New Jersey, contact RAM Law. The legal experts at RAM Law have helped clients just like you get the claims they deserve for years. Big trucking companies like R+L Carriers have their own high-powered attorneys whose aim is to reduce the company’s liability. You should have your own R+L Carrier truck accident attorney from RAM Law fighting for your rights.

Why Do I Need an Experienced Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

You’re much more likely to win fair compensation with an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer on your side.

Big rig accidents are different from personal auto accidents, which makes litigation complex for several reasons, including:

  • The case you’re dealing with may involve multiple defendants, such as the driver or the cargo shipper, the manufacturer of a part on the truck or the trucking company that hires the drivers.
  • Whenever multiple defendants are involved in your lawsuit, expect to deal with multiple insurance companies. Each one of these companies will likely try to shift blame onto others or completely deny your claim. Insurance companies tend to investigate truck accidents immediately after they happen to support their own defense.
  • In the event of a truck accident, you likely see various government agencies taking part in the investigation. Each one of these agencies has their own set of rules and procedures. Having an experienced R+L Carriers truck injury attorney helps you through this complex investigation process while safeguarding your right to a claim.
  • Due to the large size and heavy weight of commercial trucks, injuries from semi-truck accidents tend to be much more severe than passenger car crashes.
  • Typically, the awards you may seek in 18-wheeler truck accident cases are much larger than in personal auto accidents.

An experienced R+L Carriers truck injury attorney gives you the confidence and the support you need to get through difficult times like these with confidence. Serious injuries usually result in lost wages and costly medical bills. Having serious injuries may also lead to short-term or long-term disability. Injuries may also cause permanent disability. Your settlement needs to reflect that.

To get the necessary compensation that covers your immediate needs and long-term rehabilitation costs, you must consult an R+L Carriers truck injury attorney. RAM Law in New Jersey understands the high stakes and complexities of litigation. Your attorney gives each case the personal attention it deserves. Don’t let companies like R+L Carriers get away with causing you or a family member undue financial stress.

Why Do R+L Carriers Accident Cases Have a Higher Settlement Value?

Trucking companies like R+L Carriers typically have higher settlement values because the damages in their truck accidents are often much greater due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. R+L Carriers is also a large company, giving them more resources to provide a bigger settlement. R+L Carriers, a freight corporation with its headquarters in Wilmington, Ohio, is globally operated and is sometimes recognized as Greenwood Motor Lines, Inc.

The company uses 21,000 tractor trailers, although its profile with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) indicates it uses 5,632 vehicles in the United States. As of August 2018, FMCSA records revealed 2,450 violations attributed to the company over the years 2020 to 2022. Within the same timeframe, they were involved in 448 accidents causing 218 injuries and 13 deaths.

If you’ve been the victim of an R+L Carrier truck accident and you need a R+L Carriers truck injury attorney, contact RAM Law. RAM Law has been helping victims involved in New Jersey R+L Carriers accidents for years. Don’t let the careless actions and negligence of a truck driver or entity permanently alter the course of your financial well-being. You may be entitled to a high value settlement. Act quickly following a trucking accident to ensure that evidence is gathered and protected appropriately to prove your case.

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