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New England Motor Freight was a large freight company directing 18-wheelers and other large trucks across New Jersey, but they filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and ceased operations in 2020. If you were in an accident with one of this company’s trucks, all a New England motor vehicle accident lawyer can do for you now is tell you it’s too late. Call RAM Law for confirmation that a New England Motor Freight truck accident attorney can’t do anything for you anymore. The statute of limitations and the company folding precludes any legal action.

What’s Different about New England Motor Freight Inc.?

New England Motor Freight Inc. (NEMF) was a trucking company based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It operated in the northeastern US from 1977 to 2020. They provided a variety of transportation services, including regional and long-distance transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics.

Tractor trailers, straight trucks and other large commercial trucks were all part of their wide fleet. The company operated nearly 1,500 semi-trucks. If you were involved in an accident with one of these trucks years ago, it’s too late to try to receive compensation.

RAM Law in New Jersey provides skilled New England Motor Freight truck accident attorneys, but they can’t help you sue the company. To discuss your case or an accident with a different trucking company, contact RAM Law.

What Caused New England Motor Freight Truck Accidents?

For NEMF, truck driver negligence was the most common cause of truck accidents. Drivers made mistakes such as being distracted, drowsy, reckless, drunk or speeding.

Other factors included:

  • Unfavorable weather conditions. Ice, snow, rain and fog made driving more difficult.
  • Poor maintenance. Trucks that weren’t maintained properly suffered mechanical issues, such as bad brakes.
  • Shifting cargoImproperly loaded cargo caused accidents, as did overloaded trucks.
  • Bad road conditions. Poorly maintained roads and highways contributed to accidents.
  • Other drivers’ negligence. The actions and mistakes of other drivers led to NEMF truck accidents.

Depending on the details of the situation, you could have been hurt in a truck accident involving a New England Motor Freight truck.

Before 2020, you may have been entitled to multiple types of compensation, such as:

  • Medical expenses. You were entitled to the cost of ongoing medical care, hospitalization, surgery, medication and rehabilitation.
  • Lost wages. You were eligible for lost wages or lost earning ability if your truck accident injuries prevented you from working.
  • Pain and suffering. You were able to get compensation for bodily hardship, mental suffering and other non-monetary losses.
  • Property damage. You were entitled to financial assistance for your losses.
  • Wrongful death. If there was a fatality, the surviving family members were entitled to funeral costs and more.
  • Punitive damages. You needed a New England Motor Freight truck injury attorney to win a punitive damages suit.

Could a New England Motor Freights Truck Accident Lawyer Have Helped Me?

A New England Motor Freight truck accident lawyer, like those at RAM Law, could’ve been helpful if you were in an accident with one of these trucks.

A New England Motor Freight truck injury lawyer could have helped you in the:

  • Accident investigation. Your accident attorney would have reviewed the incident in detail, gathering evidence, investigating the scene of the accident and compiling relevant records.
  • Liability determination. Your attorney would have named the parties who were accountable.
  • Negotiations. An accident lawyer would have negotiated with the insurance companies on your behalf after calculating all of your damages, including your medical costs and lost wages.
  • Legal rights. Your attorney would have defended your rights throughout the legal settlement process.

To get the right compensation and support your claim if you were hurt in a truck accident, your New England motor vehicle accident attorney would have followed steps, such as:

  1. Reconstruction of the accident. By consulting an expert in accident reconstruction, your New England Motor Freight accident attorney would have evaluated the accident scene before offering advice.
  2. Eyewitness interviews. Obtaining witness statements would have constituted a boon for your case proving driver negligence.
  3. Records review. Checking the truck driver’s records would have determined if the driver took any liberties with the law.
  4. Inspections. Asking for maintenance and inspection logs would have pointed toward company negligence.
  5. Video surveillance discovery. To establish carelessness, your New England motor vehicle accident lawyer would have checked video evidence from surrounding cameras, traffic cameras or surveillance systems.

In New Jersey, there’s a two-year window in the statutes of limitations to file a claim for damages. That, plus the fact that the NEMF company is now out of business, prevents you from filing a claim. Since you haven’t filed a claim before, you can’t file it now. If you were in an accident with a truck from New England Motor Freight in New Jersey, it’s too late to contact an expert New England motor vehicle accident lawyer from RAM Law. If you do reach out, they’ll tell you this same thing.

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