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When you experience an accident with a truck, your life may be changed forever or at least for many years. You may have to go through physical rehabilitation and get back to work full time. To ensure that you present a strong case and all your claims are paid in full, call a New Jersey attorney at RAM Law familiar with all the trucking companies operating in the state, including AAA Cooper Transportation. Your RAM Law AAA Cooper truck injury attorney goes the distance to make sure you get the full compensation you’re due.

Who’s at Fault in a Commercial Truck Accident?

In most cases, the driver or the shipping company is held liable in a truck accident. If you were involved in a AAA Cooper Transportation accident, you need an experienced truck accident attorney. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported in June 2018, the company operated 2,663 vehicles. As of the same month, the company recorded 232 crashes, resulting in 117 injuries and eight wrongful deaths over the course of the next two years.

While you may be partly to blame for your accident, it’s still possible for you to recover damages. Some states deduct a percentage of fault from your accident due to state comparative negligence laws. Having a AAA Cooper Transportation truck injury attorney on your side protects you and makes you aware of your rights. Often, several entities or people may be responsible for your accident. The potential list includes the:

  • Truck owner
  • Person who loaded the cargo or the logistics company
  • Company that leases the truck
  • Individual who rented the truck from the owner
  • Individual or company responsible for maintaining service of the truck
  • Manufacturer of the truck if defects caused the accident

Contact a trusted attorney at RAM Law experienced in handling truck accidents to pursue due compensation for your truck accident damages. A AAA Cooper truck injury attorney at RAM Law walks you through the difficulties associated with a AAA Cooper freight claim in New Jersey.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Truck accidents often happen when a truck driver or company hasn’t properly seen to the safety of others on the road. A number of reasons contribute to truck accidents on the road. Often, trucking companies pay drivers by the mile, which incentivizes drivers to go as fast and as long as possible without stopping. This contributes to a number of accidents each year.

Companies have created a culture of overworked and overstressed drivers. This environment contributes to exhausted drivers. Experts estimate that one in eight truck crashes involved fatigue. Since all drivers don’t report being fatigued, it likely means the actual number is even higher.

AAA Cooper Transportation accidents may be avoided, given proper training. Usually, crashes are due to negligence on behalf of the driver. Common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Speeding. When drivers exceed the speed limit, they pose a threat to other drivers and passengers.
  • Reckless driving. Truckers may ignore traffic laws or drive dangerously under bad weather conditions, putting others at risk.
  • Drowsy driving. Drivers may not be taking breaks or getting enough sleep. There are rules for how much driving a person can do in a certain timeframe.
  • Mechanical breakdown. The driver or entities responsible for shipping may not be properly taking care of the truck and its mechanical features.
  • Driving impaired. The driver may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Lack of training. Often, companies don’t spend the time or resources needed to train their drivers, which may result in more accidents and trucking company liability due to their negligence.

The shipping company or truck manufacturers are sometimes held responsible for an accident. These companies often argue over which one of them is at fault for the failure in the truck that caused the accident. Many accidents may be avoided if the trucks were well-maintained. Mistakes from one of these parties sometimes result in an accident. This confusion is just one more reason to hire a AAA Cooper truck accident attorney to argue your case.

How Do I Rebuild My Life after a Truck Accident?

It’s not uncommon for a truck accident lawyer to recover large settlements from a AAA Cooper accident. You can trust a AAA Cooper truck injury attorney from RAM Law to lead you through the difficult circumstances of a trucking accident on a New Jersey road. Billions of dollars have been recovered for the victims of accidents due to negligence of truckers in AAA Cooper accidents.

Every time a truck accident occurs, trucking companies quickly send a team of expert investigators to the scene of the accident to prove liability of the victim. An experienced AAA Cooper truck accident attorney makes you aware of your rights and guides you through the case, step by step. After receiving a settlement for your truck accident, you may wonder how to rebuild your life after such an event when you still have needs resulting from the accident, such as:

  • Medical bills. After a truck accident, once a settlement is reached, you may be entitled to fully paid medical bills.
  • Living expenses. If you’re out of work for significant time or permanently disabled, having your rent or mortgage paid for after a debilitating injury is a huge win for a household impacted by an accident.
  • Grocery and toiletries. Simple everyday products that every person or family needs are often paid for. This lifts a significant burden off you and your loved ones.
  • Lost or replaced income or future earnings. If you’re going to miss work, no matter how short or how long, you have to reach a settlement to cover your loss of income.

Rebuilding your life after a devastating trucking accident isn’t something you have to do alone. Contact a AAA Cooper truck injury attorney at RAM Law to help you navigate your case. An experienced attorney at RAM Law represents clients whether they’ve been injured or a loved one has suffered a wrongful death.


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