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A major trucking company in the US, Averitt Express puts many commercial vehicles on the road, which leads to a number of traffic accidents involving their trucks. If you’re in an accident with one of their vehicles in New Jersey, find an Averitt Express truck injury attorney at RAM Law. These highly regarded lawyers have experience with this company and will get you the best compensation package possible. Call them today.

What Is Averitt Express?

Averitt Express is a freight transportation and logistics trucking company based in Tennessee. Since its founding in 1958, the business has become one of North America’s biggest privately held transportation corporations. It provides a range of services, such as intermodal shipping, international shipping, warehousing and distribution. The business owns a sizable fleet of trucks and operates more than 100 service centers around the country.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration performed 4,473 inspections from 2020 to 2022. Inspectors found more than 90 hours of service violations, 25 driver fitness violations and more than 500 violations for risky driving. Three cases of drugs or alcohol use were also uncovered. But because the business is protected by liability insurance coverage, its drivers aren’t personally liable for losses sustained while working.

Truck accidents involving tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers cause significant damage and injuries. If you’ve been in a truck accident with an Averitt Express vehicle in New Jersey, take care of your injuries and then contact an experienced trucking accident attorney. The Averitt Express truck accident attorneys at RAM Law safeguard your legal rights to get you fair compensation.

What Causes Averitt Express Truck Accidents?

Truck drivers who take risks, disregard safety procedures or exhibit other types of truck driver negligence are often the cause of truck accidents. Other common causes of Averitt Express truck accidents include:

  • Driver error. Drivers may inadvertently cause an accident if they’re distracted, fatigued, reckless, under the influence or speeding.
  • Poor maintenance. If a truck isn’t maintained properly, it can suffer mechanical issues like failing brakes that cause an accident.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice and fog make driving more difficult, raising the likelihood of a truck accident.
  • Poor cargo loading. Improperly loaded cargo may result in the load shifting or falling off the vehicle, causing an accident. An overloaded truck presents a similar danger.
  • Bad road conditions. The risk of an accident increases on poorly maintained roadways or work zones.

Depending on the severity of your accident, the extent of your injuries, the property damage and the strength of the evidence, the truck accident settlement process and compensation amount varies significantly. Your Averitt Express truck injury attorney at RAM Law works to get you the highest amount possible.

The same criteria influence how quickly your truck accident lawsuit is resolved. The settlement process for Averitt Express truck accident lawsuits can generally take several months to several years. If a settlement cannot be reached, some cases may even go to trial. If that happens, your RAM Law attorney pulls the evidence into a strong case and represents you in court.

How Can an Averitt Express Truck Accident Attorney Help Me?

After the trauma of an accident, don’t try to handle legal procedures by yourself. An Averitt Express truck accident attorney from RAM Law navigates the complicated legal process for you. Your Averitt Express truck injury attorney:

  • Determines the accident’s cause. Your attorney investigates the accident, speaks with witnesses and collects and protects evidence.
  • Names the responsible party. Multiple parties may be liable in truck accidents. Your lawyer identifies them and holds them accountable.
  • Calculates your losses. A trucking accident lawyer evaluates the full scope of your losses, including your pain and suffering, missed pay, medical costs and other losses.
  • Negotiates a fair settlement. Your attorney defends your rights by negotiating with the insurance providers on your behalf.
  • Represents you in court. If required, your RAM Law lawyer represents you in court to argue for just compensation.

Your Averitt Express truck accident attorney investigates the cause of the accident to assist establish liability, including:

  • Examining the police report. This report provides vital details about the accident, which your lawyer puts together to find its cause.
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses. Those at the scene may offer insightful testimony about what occurred prior to, during and after the accident.
  • Reviewing maintenance logs. The logbooks may shed light on any mechanical problems that may have contributed to the accident.
  • Finding accident data. Examining the driver’s logbook and onboard data recordings show whether the driver adhered to safety standards, took necessary breaks and drove safely.
  • Calling experts. To analyze the accident data, identify the reason for the accident and establish liability, your attorney speaks with accident reconstruction experts.

What Should I Do after an Accident with an Averitt Express Truck?

Immediately after the accident, you may be injured or at least shaken up. The steps to take include:

  1. Call the authorities to report the accident and wait until they arrive.
  2. Get medical help if you have any injuries, even if they seem small. Don’t refuse any medical attention.
  3. Exchange information with the Averitt Express truck driver and any witnesses.
  4. Take pictures or video of the accident scene, the damage and any injuries.
  5. Avoid making statements of guilt or error when communicating with Averitt Express’s lawyers or insurance representatives.
  6. Hire an Averitt Express truck injury lawyer from RAM Law to take over your case.

If you’ve been in an accident with a truck from the Averitt Express in New Jersey, contact an expert Averitt Express truck accident attorney from RAM Law. They’re experienced and well-known in the area. They fight for fair compensation for your present and future damages.



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