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Prime, Inc. is a delivery company based out of Missouri that ships packages throughout the country. Their trucks are regularly seen on New Jersey highways and side roads. If you happen to get into an accident with a Prime, Inc. truck, get a Prime Inc. truck accident lawyer on your side to ensure you’re properly compensated. If you get into a Prime Inc. trucking lawsuit in New Jersey, you need the best Prime Inc. truck accident attorney at RAM Law. Call as soon as you’re able after your accident for a free consultation and expert advice on how to proceed.

Who’s Responsible if I Was Hit by a Prime Inc. Truck?

The party responsible for a Prime, Inc. truck accident is the one most at fault for the accident. If you get into an accident with a Prime Inc. truck, you may have an idea what caused your accident. Maybe the delivery truck switched lanes, hitting your vehicle, or perhaps you were rear-ended when you stopped for traffic, but the truck driver was distracted.

By speaking with witnesses and carefully putting together evidence, accident reconstruction specialists and investigators determine what contributed to the collision and who was at fault. The crash may have been caused by a Prime Inc. truck swerving into your lane because an unbalanced load caused the truck driver to lose control. These are often grounds for a Prime Inc. trucking lawsuit.

If you’ve been involved in a New Jersey truck accident and you have questions, contact RAM Law and speak with a Prime Inc. truck accident lawyer. RAM Law uses their own team of experts to determine who’s responsible for an accident, so you don’t have to rely on the trucking company’s lawyers and investigators.

Do I Really Need an Attorney after a Truck Accident?

Whether you’re a pedestrian or driving your own car, if you’re involved in a collision with a Prime Inc. vehicle, consider getting a Prime Inc. truck accident lawyer. As soon as there’s an accident, trucking companies like Prime Inc. are already hard at work gathering evidence and building a solid case aimed at protecting themselves from any liability associated with your injuries. They have experienced lawyers whose primary job is to limit the company’s financial liability. You need an attorney working equally as hard for you.

Reasons to hire an attorney after a truck accident include:

  • Knowing your rights. A great Prime Inc. truck accident lawyer makes you aware of your rights and advises you through each step of the settlement process.
  • Protecting you and your family. A Prime Inc. truck accident attorney represents you in court and fights on your behalf for the compensation you need to make you whole.
  • Negotiating with all parties involved, including the trucking companies and the insurance companies.

Having the right Prime Inc. truck accident lawyer is crucial to your lawsuit after a truck accident. To be prepared and have the best chance of winning a claim, reach out to an attorney at RAM Law after your accident.

What Are the Common Causes of Accidents in a Prime Inc. Trucking Lawsuit?

Drivers of large commercial trucks, such as those used by Prime and other major carriers like UPS and FedEx, often are under tremendous pressure to meet deadlines to remain competitive. These companies are also understaffed and undergo a lot of staffing turnover, which may cause them to allow drivers on the road before they’re ready, and those drivers may be negligent.

Driver inexperience is a factor in trucking accidents in New Jersey, which may be trucking company negligence for allowing untrained drivers on the road. At the same time, businesses that use box trucks for delivery look to reduce their truck accident liability by proving that their drivers weren’t at fault. Your Prime Inc. truck accident attorney hires professional investigators and crime scene analysts to find the culpable parties.

They find the most common causes of trucking accidents, such as:

Prime Inc. goes to great lengths to avoid liability for their truck accidents. Speak with a Prime Inc. truck accident attorney from RAM Law to learn how to hold Prime Inc. accountable. Your attorney takes the steps necessary to get you the settlement you deserve.

If you’ve been the victim of a NJ Prime Inc. truck accident and want an attorney to help you, contact RAM Law. You can speak with a Prime Inc. truck injury lawyer right away to get the information you need to pursue a case. RAM Law has been helping clients just like you in cases against companies like Prime Inc. for years. They know what it takes to get your fair compensation.

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