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United Parcel Service (UPS) maintains one of the largest trucking fleets in the world. While they are fastidious about driver training, they also push those drivers for faster and faster deliveries. If you get into a UPS delivery van or UPS semi-truck accident in New Jersey, get medical care right away. Then call a UPS truck accident lawyer like the experts at RAM Law. They know how to get you the best UPS accident lawsuit settlements to cover all your losses.

What Causes UPS Truck Accidents?

Accidents involving UPS trucks can have devastating consequences, depending on the size of the delivery truck.A UPS semi-truck accident, for example, threatens the safety of drivers, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. There are various factors that can contribute to accidents with UPS trucks, such as:

  • Driver error. The most common cause of accidents is driver negligence, which can involve:
  • Vehicle maintenance issues. Accidents can occur when a UPS truck isn’t properly maintained. Faulty brakes,  tire incidents  and other mechanical failures that affect the vehicle’s ability to run safely.
  • Weather conditions. Poor weather conditions — such as rain, snow, ice and fog — increase the risk of accidents by reducing visibility and making roads slippery. UPS trucks, like any other vehicles, are susceptible to accidents in adverse weather conditions.
  • Other drivers. Accidents can happen when other drivers on the road make mistakes, such as by running a red light, making an illegal turn or failing to yield the right of way. UPS trucks, due to their size and visibility, are sometimes involved in accidents caused by other drivers.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists. Accidents can occur if pedestrians or cyclists aren’t visible to the truck driver or if they fail to follow traffic rules. Sometimes, the UPS truck driver don’t see the pedestrians or cyclists because they’re in the truck’s blind spots.
  • Time pressures and delivery schedules. The nature of the delivery industry often places time pressures on UPS drivers to complete their routes within specific timeframes. This pressure may lead to speeding or other risky behaviors, increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Road conditions and infrastructure issues. Poor road conditions — such as potholes, uneven surfaces or inadequate signage — can contribute to accidents involving UPS trucks. Additionally, poorly designed intersections or lack of proper traffic control measures increase the risk of collisions.

These factors apply to accidents involving most other commercial vehicles, not just UPS trucks. UPS takes driver safety seriously and implements training programs, vehicle maintenance protocols and safety measures to mitigate the risk of accidents. But if you’ve been in an accident with a UPS delivery truck, contact a UPS truck accident lawyer. The best truck accident attorneys in New Jersey are at RAM Law. They help you file UPS accident claims and deliver just UPS accident lawsuit settlements.

Do UPS Trucks Use Dash Cams?

UPS trucks do use dash cameras in some of their vehicles, including UPS delivery trucks. These cameras are typically installed to enhance safety, monitor driver behavior and provide evidence in the event of accidents or incidents on the road. Your specific accident may be captured on a UPS truck’s dash camera, depending on several factors, such as the:

  • Presence of a dash camera. Not all UPS trucks are equipped with dash cameras, since it’s a relatively new technology.
  • Location of the camera. Even if a dash camera is present, its field of view can’t capture every angle around the truck. It also doesn’t record the driver’s behavior.
  • Position of the accident. Even if the accident occurred within the field of view of the dash camera, there is still a possibility that the incident wasn’t recorded for other reasons.

To determine if your accident was captured on a UPS truck’s dash camera, you can take specific steps, such as:

  • Contact UPS. Reach out to UPS and inform them of the accident. Provide details such as the date, time and location of the incident, as well as the UPS truck involved.
  • Legal assistance. If you are pursuing a legal claim or working with an attorney, they can request any available footage from UPS for you. That’s a benefit offrom working with RAM Law.

The availability and access to dash camera footage may be subject to legal regulations, company policies and privacy considerations. Consult with UPS or a UPS truck accident lawyer to provide the most accurate and appropriate guidance for your specific situation. But if the footage exists, it becomes evidence to be protected that you may need for your UPS accident lawsuit settlements.

Who Submits UPS Accident Claims for Accident Victims?

If you were involved in a UPS semi-truck accident or a UPS delivery truck accident, you can submit your own UPS accident claims. But it’s much easier and less time-consuming to have your attorney file claims for you. Certain circumstances and applicable laws apply, so it makes sense to hire an experienced UPS truck accident lawyer. When you’re in an accident, take several non-nonsense steps as soon as possible, including:

  • Seek medical attention
  • Gather driver and witness information
  • Document the scene with photos and video
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Consult with an experienced UPS truck accident lawyer

The claims process can vary, depending on the jurisdiction and the specific circumstances of the accident. Contact a UPS truck accident lawyer from RAM Law. They provide accurate advice based on your situation and help you handle your UPS accident lawsuit settlements.

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