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This large trucking company sends thousands of vehicles onto the roads and highways throughout New Jersey. The more trucks on the road, the more likely that there’ll be accidents. If you’ve been in a serious truck accident with a Cardinal Logistics vehicle, call the Cardinal Logistics truck injury attorneys at RAM Law. They fight for the best compensation from those responsible to cover your medical expenses, material losses and future losses from long-term injuries. Call a Cardinal Logistics truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash.

What Is Cardinal Logistics?

Cardinal Logistics offers logistics and transportation services to companies in a variety of industries, with 3,039 vehicles, mostly 18-wheelers. This trucking company’s services include last-mile delivery, transportation management and dedicated contract carriage. From their Concord, North Carolina headquarters, the company provides their services across North America.

Cardinal Logistics was cited for 1,725 safety offenses between June 2016 and June 2018. Its vehicles were involved in more than 150 crashes that resulted in more than 100 injuries, which is a 64 percent injury rate. Seven people died unjust deaths as a result of these truck accidents.

Accidents involving a large commercial truck cause significant damage and injuries. Liability for these accidents often stems from the trucking company’s negligence or the truck driver’s negligence. If you’ve been in a truck accident with a Cardinal Logistics vehicle in New Jersey, you need an experienced trucking accident lawyer on your side. Contact RAM Law for an experienced Cardinal Logistics truck injury attorney to get the best compensation package.

What Causes Cardinal Logistics Truck Accidents?

One little mistake can cost others their lives, whether that error originated with the truck driver or the trucking company. Common causes of Cardinal Logistics truck accidents include:

  • Driver error. Driver mistakes occur when they’re distracted, fatigued, reckless, under the influence, or speeding.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions. Snow, ice, heavy rains and fog make driving more difficult and raise the likelihood of a truck accident.
  • Bad road conditions. Accidents are more likely in poorly maintained roadways or work zones.
  • Poor maintenance. If the truck isn’t maintained properly, it may suffer mechanical issues like failing brakes that may cause an accident.
  • Shifting cargo. Poorly loaded cargo can result in load shifting or cargo falling off the vehicle. An overloaded truck puts extra stress on the vehicle, which may lead to an accident.

Any Cardinal Logistics truck accident can cause serious injuries. Rebuilding your life after a truck accident may be difficult with debilitating or long-lasting injuries. After your accident:

  1. Seek medical help. As soon as you can, get treatment, even if you don’t believe you’ve been hurt. Your primary focus should be on your health.
  2. Document the scene. Gather information regarding the accident and record it. Record the accident site with photographs or video, get the contact details of any witnesses and fill out a police complaint.
  3. Contact a lawyer. As soon as possible, call an experienced Cardinal Logistics truck accident lawyer at RAM Law to safeguard your legal rights.
  4. Analyze your financial situation. For support in managing your costs and reestablishing your funds, think about contacting financial experts.
  5. Reach out for emotional support. You may feel anxious or angry after the accident. Call your friends or family to help you.
  6. Focus on your recovery. Follow your doctor’s instructions and concentrate on getting healthier.

How Can a Cardinal Logistics Truck Accident Attorney Help Me?

Even if you think you can, don’t handle legal matters alone. Find a Cardinal Logistics truck injury lawyer at RAM Law. These legal professionals navigate the complicated legal process for you to win you the best possible settlement. Your Cardinal Logistics truck injury attorney helps you:

  • Determine the accident’s cause. Your attorney investigates the accident, interviews the witnesses and collects and protects evidence.
  • Name the responsible party. Multiple parties may be at fault in your truck accident. Your lawyer digs to find them to hold them accountable.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement. Your trucking accident attorney defends your rights by negotiating with the insurance providers on your behalf.
  • Calculate your losses. A lawyer evaluates the full scope of your losses, including your pain and suffering, missed pay, medical costs and other losses.
  • Protect your rights. An attorney represents you in court if required to get fair compensation for you.

You may be eligible to submit a claim after your truck accident for compensation for your damages. After your Cardinal Logistics truck accident attorney files your claim, your insurance provider is notified. Then the investigation, liability determination, negotiations and litigation take place. The length and complexity of your claims process depends on the specifics of your case. Your Cardinal Logistics truck accident lawyer guides you throughout the process.

If you’ve been in an accident with a truck from Cardinal Logistics in New Jersey, contact an expert Cardinal Logistics truck accident lawyer from RAM Law. These experienced lawyers win you fair compensation for your damages.

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