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Large trucking companies sometimes push drivers to do more than is often possible. Swift Transportation has a reputation for just that, which leads to their share of traffic accidents and fatalities. If you’re in a crash that involves one of their vehicles, call an expert Swift Transportation truck accident lawyer at RAM Law in New Jersey. And if you’re injured in the accident, you need a Swift Transportation truck injury attorney, even if you were the driver. Call as soon as possible after a wreck.

What Is Swift Transportation?

Swift Transportation is one of America’s largest full truckload carriers. They started in Utah in the 1950s with one truck. Today, they have over 23,000 vehicles. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, they run throughout the United States and Mexico, operating out of more than 35 distribution facilities. They provide transportation solutions that include:

  • Intermodal
  • Refrigerated
  • Linehaul
  • Flatbed

About five percent of the vehicles on the road today are 18-wheelers, and yet these trucks cause 11 percent of the traffic deaths on US roadways. If you’re involved in an accident with one of Swift Transportation’s vehicles in New Jersey, hire a Swift Transportation truck accident attorney. At RAM Law, you find the most experienced legal professionals. Contact RAM Law to get you the compensation you deserve after a trucking accident.

What Are Some Causes of Swift Transportation Truck Accidents?

In recent years, Swift Transportation has accumulated a large number of citations. They’ve gained a reputation for hiring undertrained and inexperienced drivers, who are paid less than many of the major trucking companies. Then they encourage these drivers to ignore federal safety regulations so they can meet their delivery expectations. This strategy results in reckless driving.

Accidents involving big rig trucks result in severe injuries and even fatalities. Swift Transportation truck accidents may be caused by:

There have been many complaints about Swift Transportation over the years. Tractor trailers require well-trained, experienced drivers. If you’re in an accident with one of their vehicles, you need an experienced Swift Transportation truck injury lawyer from RAM Law to receive fair compensation for your losses, pain and suffering.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit after a Swift Transportation Truck Accident?

There is a legal statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in New Jersey. The deadline guidelines for suing a trucking company include:

  • You must file a lawsuit within two years from the date of the accident.
  • For filing a wrongful death lawsuit, you must file within two years from the date of the victim’s death.

In some cases, the death of a minor may be considered an exception to this deadline. The process of gathering evidence, proving fault and sorting through documents can be long and tedious. Therefore, you must start as soon as possible. Missing the deadline results in having the case dismissed before you begin. Protect your rights by hiring a Swift Transportation truck accident attorney from RAM Law as soon as possible after the accident.

Can RAM Law Help a Swift Transportation Truck Driver Who Was Injured?

If you’re involved in an accident while driving a Swift Transportation vehicle, reach out to RAM Law. These accident cases are complex, and these professional Swift Transportation injury lawyers have experience representing truck drivers who are injured on the job. These attorneys have the resources to investigate the collision and the compassion to explain the truck accident settlement process.

The team at RAM Law has your back. Your Swift Transportation truck injury attorney focuses on protecting your rights. Determining the liability of the crash and the damages from it involve:

  • Determining your employment classification at the time of the accident
  • Gathering and protecting evidence, including photos, police reports and witness statements
  • Determining fault, even if it rests with multiple parties
  • Assessing who was responsible for truck maintenance
  • Appraising your damages and loss from the accident
  • Interacting with the trucking company’s legal team on your behalf

The lawyers for Swift Transportation don’t have your best interest in mind. They’re focused on settling the claim as quickly as possible and minimizing the company’s financial outlay. Without legal help, you may be taken advantage of. They may even offer to settle with you, but this initial offering is usually inadequate compensation for your losses.

How Is Fault Determined after a Swift Transportation Truck Accident?

Determining who’s at fault in a truck accident is complex. Like all types of truck accidents, theirthere liability may rest with more than one person or entity. For example, Swift Transportation may hire employees or independent contractors. Sometimes, both the company and the driver are liable. But if the driver was considered an independent contractor, the company may be absolved from liability. Steps in ascertaining fault include:

  • Identifying all possible liable parties
  • Following up with police and eyewitness reports
  • Establishing whether or not Swift Transportation followed state and national guidelines
  • Determining truck company negligence from hiring practices or other factors
  • Determining driver negligence from actions

It’s your lawyer’s job to discover liability. Accuracy in collecting and preparing evidence for the courts creates a stronger case, which may lead to a bigger settlement. Since accidents involving tractor trailers can mean catastrophic damages, you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced Swift Transportation truck accident lawyer. Contact RAM Law for the best in New Jersey.

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