Truck Accidents

2020 Saw Less Traffic While Auto-Related Fatalities Spiked

By Matthew Bonanno, Esq. 2020: A Year of Light Traffic and High Fatalities The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to a considerable amount of traffic, but that didn't necessarily mean that the roads were any safer - in fact, just ...

Truck Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts: Who’s Liable?

By Tyler Hall, Esq. Trucking Tire Blowouts: Who Are the Liable Parties? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 75,000 accidents are caused by tire blowouts each year, and these accidents l...

Managing a Head-On Collision With a Large Truck

By Craig Aronow, Esq. Truck drivers are responsible for moving approximately 72000 of our country's freight. With an estimated 37.9 million trucks on the road, there are plenty of opportunities for potentially fatal head-on collisi...

How Reckless Driving Leads to Truck Accidents

By Ed Rebenack, Esq. The Potential Consequences of Reckless Driving A fully-loaded commercial vehicle can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Therefore, a truck accident could be deadly for those who are commuting to work or going to...

Bigger Pickup Trucks – Smaller Safety Margins – Pedestrians at Risk

by Craig M. Aronow, Esq. Supersize Pickup Trucks Put Pedestrians at Higher Risk for Injuries U.S. pickup truck sales have eclipsed auto sales for several years running, and as more and more Americans step up into the driver�...

Common Issues That Occur Following a Garbage Truck Accident

by Tyler J. Hall, Esq. Everything You Should Know About Accidents Involving Garbage Trucks Garbage truck accidents are relatively common and oftentimes bring about ample amounts of damage to everyone involved in the accident...

Jackknife Truck Accidents Are Very Common and Very Deadly

by Edward Rebenack, Esq. How Does Jackknifing Put Everyone on the Road at Risk? While all motor vehicle accidents are serious, jackknife accidents involving huge trucks are particularly dangerous. The sheer size and weight o...

A Trucking Company’s Liability in a Commercial Truck Accident

By Ed Rebenack, Esq. How Trucking Companies Are Held Responsible in Accidents There are thousands of accidents involving commercial trucks each year that result in approximately $2 billion in medical expenses and property da...

How Truck Accident Claims Unfold

By Craig Aronow, Esq. Truck Accident Claim Timeline There are more than 500,000 commercial truck accidents annually in the United States. Approximately 20% of those incidents results in injuries and 1% in fatalities. In prac...

Bad Weather Contributes to the Rate and Severity of Truck Accidents

by Edward Rebenack, Esq. Inclement Weather and Commercial Trucking Accidents Adverse weather conditions often make it much more difficult to operate a commercial truck due to its size, its overall weight and the braking dist...

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