The Truth about the Family Member Exclusion in New Jersey Automobile Policies

Most motor vehicle insurance policies have some form of the following exclusion: "This policy does not provide liability coverage for you or any member of your family for bodily injury to you or any member of your family." The reasoni...

Obtained $340,000 for a client that aggravated a pre-existing neck condition and required surgery following a car accident.

A RAM Law client was injured in two car accidents that happened two days apart. She had previously had surgery on her neck. The accidents caused her to require a more significant surgery and resulted in the implantation of surgical hardware...

Medical emergency causes fatal head-on collision in Sparta

According to New Jersey law, it is not negligent to lose control of an automobile as a result of the sudden onset of a medical emergency such as a heart attack. However, a lawsuit for negligence might still apply if the driver knows of a me...

Do I have to pay taxes on a personal injury settlement?

A personal injury damage award is not subject to Federal or State income tax. The Internal Revenue Code and the New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act excludes from gross income the amount of any damages received on account of personal injuries or...

How long do I have after an accident to file a lawsuit?

There are time periods within which a personal injury lawsuit must be filed. These time periods are known as “statutes of limitation”. (Note that different types of lawsuits have different statutes of limitation, so the time per...

If I file a claim for injuries, does the person I sue have to pay anything personally?

Whenever you file a lawsuit for someone’s negligence, such as a car accident, you file the lawsuit directly against that person. If your lawsuit goes to trial and the jury gives you a judgment, the judgment will be awarded against the oth...

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