What Evidence Should I Keep Track of After a Car Accident?

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Evidence to Keep After a Car Accident?

If you have recently been hurt in a vehicle accident, you need to prepare yourself to collect necessary evidence immediately. Your decision about what evidence to collect and what car accident lawyer you will hire will have a major impact on the potential outcome of your personal injury case.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer After an Injury?

Each car crash requires a strong foundation in New Jersey to show fault in the crash and show the severity of the damages that you or someone you love suffered. There are many different kinds of evidence that you may wish to collect in the immediate aftermath and since much of this is present at the accident scene, you will need to be prepared to do so in an unnerving situation.

Your primary goal should be to collect physical evidence. This comes in many different forms such as video and pictures. This has become increasingly easy to gather as a result of smart phones. Someone at the scene should take pictures of any damaged property, the area, your injuries, and the vehicles involved. Any outside buildings that make use of surveillance cameras should also be evaluated to see if they have obtained the crash on video.

What to Keep and Photograph

The damaged property and vehicle is also a crucial piece of physical evidence. If your vehicle has been towed away from the accident scene, you need to instruct the towing company to keep it preserved until it can be thoroughly examined by a personal injury lawyer. This is particularly important if you believe that a defective vehicle part caused your injuries. Another vital component of your personal injury claim are your physical injuries.

Medical records can help to record your injuries properly as well as your medical damages. Put together a plan to protect your medical evidence by detailing your daily struggles. This can be included in a pain journal. You may reference the rehabilitation and medication you went through on that day as well as the physical and emotional challenges of coping with your injuries. Other documents are crucial in terms of your car accident claim. A police report, for example, should be made available to you if you did report the crash to the authorities. The report gives the essential details about the accident from the perspective of the officer as well as any citations that were handed out to any drivers.

The police report might also contain vital information about the witnesses who saw the accident. Even if you believe that a police report is being taken at the scene, it is a good idea to collect your own eye witness contact information. Your lawyer may contact eye witnesses directly so that they can present testimony in an accident claim. The names and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the crash can prove important and just as is mentioned above, there is no such thing as getting too much information. While you may not need to rely on the statements of every eye witness, it is a good idea to gather as many details as possible at the scene. As you go forward with attempting to recover from a personal injury accident, keep copies of all repair receipts, damaged property receipts, medical bills, and invoices for any medical or personal assistance. When you collect these pieces of evidence, your car accident lawyer can be used to gather all of the necessary information and present it in a chronological fashion for a full and fair personal injury claim.

Given that there is so much at stake for your future when pursuing a claim like this, you cannot afford to wait. The right New Jersey personal injury attorney is at your side, ready to protect you and your rights well into the future.

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