Consumer Confidence Improving with Self-Driving Technology

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One of the greatest technological developments in recent years has to do with the number of manufacturers who are looking into automated technology that could operate cars. Self driving technology is a top news topic right now. Since the vast majority of vehicles accidents in the United States today are directly caused by driver error, many manufacturers are looking into the ways to cut down on human error by ensuring that autonomous technology is used to manage the car.

Are People Still Uncomfortable with Autonomous Tech?

The problem is that as the technology has advanced and it has become a reality that more of these cars may be on the roads in coming years, the public has been slow to be comfortable with this type of technology.

A recent study conducted out in San Diego with driverless cars operating around a neighborhood found that many people were uncomfortable sharing the road with these cars. However, a new AAA study has found that consumer confidence in self-driving technology is improving. However, six out of every ten drivers participating in that study said that they would still be afraid to ride in a completely autonomous vehicle.

A majority of drivers are still uncomfortable about sharing the road with this technology or using it themselves. The respondents that are most willing to trust autonomous technology are male drivers and millennials. Even in both of those groups however, consumer confidence was not entirely promising. Approximately half said they still were concerned and would be afraid of riding in a self-driving vehicle.

Consumers Feel Better As They Use More Tech Inside Cars

This survey, however, does show that consumer acceptance of the concept behind self-driving technology and overall confidence in using it is improving. In the annual survey completed most recently, nearly two-thirds of U.S. drivers said that they would be afraid to ride in a completely autonomous self-driving vehicle, which is a decrease from 78% in last year’s survey.
The context of a fully autonomous car still makes some people uncomfortable because they believe they would lose control of being able to step in in an emergency situation.

More drivers, though, are experiencing lower levels of autonomy already as manufacturers look for ways to implement technology throughout vehicles, including warnings about lane departures and other tools.

As consumers hear more about the technologies, it is expected that the consumer confidence levels will increase. Cars are currently being outfitted with warnings and visual aids, partial automation, adaptive cruise control and emergency driving interventions. Safety features are becoming more active than ever, including automatic emergency braking, which are becoming highly recommended by consumer reports and have been shown to significantly reduce the chances of crashes that lead to catastrophic injuries.
As more drivers begin to experience these systems on a lower level, they make them more confident in autonomous technology overall. Some of the headlines in the recent years, however, have been associated with partially automated driving systems that have made people less than completely confident in sharing the road with these.

The AAA survey found that only 13% of drivers across the United States currently feel confident sharing the road with a self-driving vehicle, and nearly half of the respondents in the AAA study said they would feel less safe. Despite the fact that driver error is the most common reason for the vast majority of traffic accidents, consumers are slow to adopt a confidence level about sharing the road with these types of cars.

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