The Most Dangerous Roads in New Jersey

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Most people know that you can have an accident anywhere, whether it’s on a congested freeway or the rural roads you travel often, accidents can seemingly come out of nowhere. All it takes is one person failing to pay attention for an incident to develop quickly, leaving behind a wake of serious injuries or even deaths. If you were injured while driving one of the most dangerous roads, contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney about your injuries.

New Jersey is Home to Many Preventable Accidents

Anyone who’s driven a white-knuckle commute through New Jersey in some of the busiest areas will know that this can be an overwhelming experience and one that causes you to suffer in an accident. At best, you’re probably dealing with road rage and frustration over the traffic backup, but the consequences may be even more severe.

This is because there are many dangerous roads located throughout the state of New Jersey and ones that put you at severe risk of being hurt in a catastrophic accident. The 11 most dangerous places to drive across New Jersey were recently analyzed. Whether it’s a traffic circle where few people observe the right of way, a country road where you have to worry about animals, or a park road that plunges suddenly, there are severely dangerous roads in New Jersey.

The 10th most dangerous road in New Jersey was named as Route 539/Pine Barrens. This runs all the way from Tuckerton to Allentown and is extremely scary at night because deer and other animals burst out of the woods suddenly.

Spaghetti Junction in Woodbridge and intersection of Route 4 and 17 in Paramus are some of the most devastating areas in the entire state.

The junction of Route 4 and 17 can challenge even an experienced driver. When an accident happens, you could easily cause a multi-car pileup if you can’t get your own vehicle out of the way quickly enough. On many of the busiest roads in NJ, these accidents happen so quickly that it’s all too easy for other cars to get involved, too.

Breakneck Road in Vernon and Mantua is one filled with a heavy shroud of trees that covers both shoulders of this two lane road and serious gradations that can lead to roll over accidents.

Henry Hudson Drive located near Palisades Interstate Park is a popular location for residents and out-of-towners to visit, but stone walls may be your only protection from plunging deep into the abyss if you’re not careful in an accident.

Major highways converging together in one location is a dangerous spot where Route 676, 42, and 295 all merge. Watch out for tipped tractor trailers which are extremely common.

The Pulaski Skyway is 3.5 miles of no real speed limit and nonexistent shoulders that could put you at risk for a severe and life changing accident.

The second most dangerous road in New Jersey is where Routes 35 and 9 merge. This is a high speed merge across 50 feet that gives very little time for anyone to move into the outside lane.

The most dangerous road in New Jersey as analyzed by this recent study was Route 22 in Union Springfield. This was named as the most commercially cluttered highway because cars are turning suddenly in front of high speed traffic and exit ramps can be found on both the right and the left side.

Have you already suffered the consequences of these busy and dangerous roads? If you have already been involved in an accident on one of these roadways, you need to consult with a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury attorney immediately to protect your rights and to recover compensation for your injuries.

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