Common On-the-Job Injuries Suffered by Construction Workers

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The 9 Most Common On-the-Job Injuries for Construction Workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.8 million on-the-job injuries and illnesses occurred in 2019. In the construction industry alone, approximately three out of every 100 workers experienced an injury while on the job. Unfortunately, injuries sustained on a construction site are common, requiring close examination by a personal injury lawyer when it comes to who is at fault and if the injury could have been prevented.

1. Head Injuries

Head injuries are one of the most common and debilitating injuries sustained on a construction site. These can occur as a result of falling equipment and debris or as a result of trips and falls or company vehicle accidents. The range of injuries can vary from lacerations to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

2. Spinal Cord On-the-Job Injuries

Construction workers are highly susceptible to spinal cord injuries due to the nature of their work and their work environment. The No. 1 cause of injuries on a construction site is falls, including falls off ladders, scaffolding, and other high platforms. These falls, along with other accidents, can lead to spinal cord injuries ranging in severity, including partial and full paralysis.

3. Burns

With construction sites filled with hazardous materials and the potential for explosions and fires, a high rate of burn injuries occurs in this workplace. Incidences of electrocution burns are high as well. When risks are not addressed early on and measures to protect workers are not put in place, serious burns can result and require extensive treatment and often long recovery times.

4. Broken Bones

Equipment used on a construction site, along with the work required, often leads to broken bones or fractures of varying degrees. These can occur in the normal course of a job or when equipment is not secured. Broken bones can also happen when another employee is negligent in some way.

5. Loss of Limb or Digit

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With all the heavy equipment and various materials crowding a construction site, workers are often struck or trapped by falling objects. This can lead to the severance of a leg, arm, toe, or finger. Crushing injuries can also lead to the need for amputations.

6. Lacerations

Exposure to sharp objects and various machinery can cause numerous cuts and lacerations in a construction work zone. While not all are serious, they can often lead to infection, causing additional pain and suffering as well as time away from work.

7. Hearing Loss

According to the CDC, about 51 of all construction industry workers are constantly exposed to hazardous noise in the workplace. Heavy equipment and noisy machines bombard the senses, often leading to some level of hearing loss in many workers. Employers are expected to ensure noise control methods are put in place while also promoting the wearing of protective headgear.

8. Heat Stroke

Regardless of outdoor temperature, construction workers are required to show up and continue working, even on the hottest days. Exposure to the sun and high heat, along with overexertion, can quickly lead to heat stroke, which can be potentially fatal if not taken care of right away. In addition, the lightheadedness and nausea that may accompany heat stroke can cause additional injuries if you were to fall.

9. Repetitive Stress On-the-Job Injuries

Stress injuries often occur in the construction industry due to the continuous need to lift or bend in specific ways in order to do your job. Over time, these injuries can be debilitating, such as when they occur in your back or wrists.

Add to this list back, shoulder, and knee injuries, along with muscle strains, and you get an idea of how dangerous a construction worksite can truly be.

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