Local Road Truck Accidents

Delivery truck accidents, as well as accidents involving commercial vehicles like tow trucks or flatbeds, are common on local New Jersey roads. If you’re involved in a Route 1 truck accident or a truck accident in Route 80 NJ, call the most experienced attorneys to handle your case. RAM Law takes care of everything from the investigation of the NJ Route 24 accident to suing the trucking company for negligence when necessary. Call as soon as possible following the incident.

Who’s Liable in a Route 1 Truck Accident?

In the event of a truck accident on a local New Jersey road, the driver or the company the driver works for, as well as the cargo shipper or the company who loaded the truck, may be held liable for the truck accident. If you’re involved in a New Jersey Route 1 truck accident or a NJ Route 24 accident, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages caused by the accident.

Truck accidents usually result in serious consequences. Determining responsibility for the accident includes a number of factors. In addition to the driver and trucking company, you may have recourse with the:

  • Other drivers present in the truck during the accident
  • Truck parts manufacturers
  • Tractor trailer  and big rig owners
  • Insurance companies
  • Government entities in charge of road maintenance

You need a trusted attorney if you’ve been involved in a truck accident. Contact RAM Law. They’ve helped accident victims involved in truck accidents for years. Surviving a truck accident, no matter how severe the consequences, should not be a burden you carry alone. Let one of the attorneys at RAM Law help you today. They’re experienced with truck accidents in Route 80 NJ and on other busy local roads.

What Causes Truck Accidents on Local Roads?

Truck accidents on local roads are a result of mistakes made by drivers or others involved in the process of the delivery. A truck accident in Route 80 NJ or a NJ Route 24 accident often leads to serious injuries or even fatalities because of a lack of oversight of driver training or a reduction in spending on road maintenance. Other common causes of truck accidents on local roads include:

A NJ Route 1 truck accident or a truck accident in Route 80 NJ can lead to serious injury or even death. The physical and emotional strain caused by a truck accident is difficult enough. You need the best New Jersey attorney at RAM Law to help settle your case.

Local Road Truck Accidents

What Steps Can I Take to Prevent Truck Accidents on Local Roads?

The best way to stay safe and prevent being a victim of a truck accident is to drive respectfully. It’s impossible to avoid truck accidents altogether, but the likelihood of being in a truck accident decreases if you drive defensively. Examples include:

  • Being aware of blind spots. Truck drivers have large blind spots, making it difficult for them to see other drivers on the road, especially when making turns or changing lanes.
  • Giving trucks a wide berth. It takes trucks longer to slow down due to their weight and size. Avoiding cutting in front of trucks. Giving them ample time to slow down makes it less likely you’ll be in an accident.
  • Not driving aggressively. A truck doesn’t have the same maneuverability as a personal vehicle. Excessive speeding when passing a truck or maneuvering into their blind spots may cause an accident.

Injuries sustained in truck accidents include broken bones, fractures, burns and even wrongful death. You may need months or even years to recover. You may become permanently disabled. Many of the common types of injuries sustained in a truck accident on a local road include:

  • Head injuries. Closed-head, traumatic brain injuries are life-changing for you and your family. They often require lifelong rehabilitation and treatment.
  • Amputations. Amputation may occur when limbs are crushed, or it takes too long to get treatment following a Route 1 truck accident.
  • Lacerations. Lacerations and cuts can be extremely painful and frequently leave permanent scars.
  • Death. You’re 10 times more likely to die in an accident with a commercial truck than you are with a car.

Victims of a Route 1 truck accident have experienced many of these painful outcomes. These injuries may occur in a NJ Route 24 accident or in a truck accident in Route 80 NJ. If you or a loved one have experienced an injury or wrongful death in a truck accident on a local road, you need an experienced attorney. Contact RAM Law to get fair and much-needed compensation.


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