When a truck rolls over while it’s moving, anyone caught in its path is going to suffer potentially serious consequences. And while not as common as jackknife or side-swipe truck accidents, truck rollover accidents often are more deadly. To ensure that you’re represented sufficiently if you’re involved in any semi-truck rollovers, call the experienced attorneys at RAM Law. They have expertise in all types of commercial truck accidents, as well as the details of New Jersey laws and regulations.

What Are Rollover Truck Accidents?

Truck rollover accidents occur when a truck either tips onto its side, onto its top or completely rolls over. Although they aren’t common, rollovers usually cause serious injuries  or even death. If you’re in a rollover accident with a truck, contact an attorney at RAM Law as soon as possible. This firm has the expertise and experience to help you navigate the settlement process following a truck rollover accident.

About 75 percent of all goods used in New Jersey are brought to consumers by truck. The importance of this industry touches everyone’s lives. National and state authorities are continually striving to make the roads safer. But there will always be accidents, no matter how safe you drive. There are many factors to a truck accident. It takes time for police or highway patrol to sort out all the facts. Feel confident that you’re in good hands with the RAM Law team behind you.

Truck Rollovers

What Are Common Causes of Rollover Accidents?

There are numerous causes for semi-truck rollovers. Due to their weight and height, semi-trucks are more susceptible to rolling over than most cars. Approximately nine percent of all truck-related accidents are rollover crashes.

The most common causes for this type of accident include:

Semi-trucks are large commercial vehicles. Most are more than 70 feet long and 13 feet high with a high center of gravity. When taking a turn, the load on the truck moves away from the turn, making it difficult to control if you’re moving too fast or the cargo shifts. Taking a turn too fast accounts for almost half of all rollover truck accidents.

How Can I Avoid a Truck Rollover Accident and Subsequent Injuries?

To avoid semi-truck rollovers, constantly scan the road and be hyper-aware of your surroundings, especially when you’re near trucks. Watch the trucks on the highways and local roads for erratic driving or shifting cargo loads.

Just about any injury you can imagine can happen as a result of a truck rollover. These types of accidents are some of the worst, not only for the truck driver, but for other motorists or pedestrians as well.

Some of the more common injuries seen include:

Some of these injuries may not be apparent at the time of the accident. That’s why you need to get immediate medical attention after a truck rollover accident, even if you assume you’re physically fine. Some neck and back injuries may not be evident until the next day. If you find that you have more injuries than you originally believed, seek medical attention promptly and notify your attorney.

What Should I Do When I’m in a Truck Rollover Accident?

Being in a truck rollover accident is a terrifying experience. First and foremost, make sure you get medical attention for any injuries you may have. Your health and well-being are paramount to anything else going on around you.

After your injuries are attended to, do your best to gather evidence and:

  • Stay at the scene and call 911 if possible
  • Don’t comment about the accident
  • Write down any details you can remember
  • Collect names and contact info from witnesses
  • Call your New Jersey RAM Law trucking accident attorney

Make certain you don’t apologize in any way for the mishap. This could be construed as an admission of guilt. Don’t claim to be in good physical condition until after you’ve been seen by medical personnel. These seemingly small things can save you a lot of heartache later.

Who’s Responsible for a Truck Rollover Accident?

The responsibility of a truck rollover accident may lie in different areas. Liability may also include one or more parties.

The liability for the accident may be placed on the:

  • Truck driver
  • Facility that loaded the truck
  • Manufacturer of the truck or maintenance company
  • Trucking company

While the highway patrol, insurance company and your RAM Law attorney are working to figure out where the liability rests, you can concentrate on your recovery. Although your statement is relevant to your case, it may not be the only piece of evidence available.

How Long Will My Truck Accident Case Last?

Depending on the circumstances, a truck rollover accident case may last from a few months to a few years.

Some of the factors that come into play to determine the length of time your case lasts include the:

  • Severity of your injuries
  • Determination of liability
  • Magnitude of the damages
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Possible need to sue a trucking company for damages

In most cases, the less severe the accident, the shorter the timeline. This is another reason to employ an attorney. Having a professional represent you gets you the best possible outcome in the least amount of time. Your lawyer has the wisdom and proficiency to know how much a settlement should be according to your injuries and damages.

Why Will Having a Lawyer Help Me with My Semi-Truck Rollover Accident?

Having a lawyer in a case like this can have substantial benefits. An individual driving a tractor trailer must have a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL). This ensures that the driver has a greater knowledge of safety and traffic laws. With this also comes more responsibility and possible culpability in the case of an accident.

Having a lawyer in your corner can help you:

  • Regain lost wages
  • Get compensation for your medical bills and follow-up physical and mental therapy
  • Get restitution for your pain and suffering

Being involved in a rollover accident is a complicated affair. More than likely, you can expect other vehicles, injuries and extensive property damage. Contact RAM Law to help you navigate these complicated situations. With their experience and legal knowledge, RAM Law attorneys make sure you get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

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