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More and more UPS trucks have taken to the road as the demand for package deliveries has increased. The more vehicles on the streets and highways, however, means the greater chances of traffic accidents. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a UPS truck in New Jersey, you need to first take care of yourself and your passengers. But then you’re best served by contacting the experienced UPS truck accident lawyers at RAM Law. They take the time to investigate the crash and represent you in court so you get the best settlement possible. Don’t fight UPS alone; call RAM Law.

Are UPS Trucks Creating More Truck Accidents?

As demand grows for products purchased online to be delivered, the presence of delivery trucks from UPS also increases. That puts more trucks on the road, where traffic accidents are bound to happen. Since UPS delivery trucks are larger and heavier than passenger cars, the results of a collision with one of these trucks can be catastrophic. You may end up with property damage and physical injuries.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a UPS truck in New Jersey, you need legal help, in addition to possible medical attention. A UPS truck accident lawyer from RAM Law provides you with the skill and knowledge to get the compensation you deserve. Contact RAM Law for the best outcome from your UPS truck accident.

Why Do I Need a UPS Truck Accident Lawyer?

UPS has specific regulations regarding how accident claims are handled, which may be confusing and overwhelming. Experienced trucking accident attorneys know how to interpret the federal and local laws, as well as the UPS regulations. Hire a UPS truck accident lawyer from RAM Law who’s experienced in what you need to receive full compensation.

To prove your case, you need help in:

  • Gathering all the available evidence
  • Accessing and evaluating your damages and losses
  • Navigating the settlement process, including your expected compensation
  • Corresponding with the UPS legal team and the involved insurance companies

In addition to interpreting laws and regulations, your UPS truck accident lawyer protects your rights. Large corporations like UPS have legal teams ready to fight claims. That’s why you need the experience of RAM Law attorneys. They support you and advise you.

What Are the Common Causes of Accidents Involving UPS Vehicles?

The causes of truck accidents are similar to those of car crashes, except the results are more severe. UPS delivery trucks and tractor trailers can create catastrophic damage and injury in an accident. UPS delivery trucks stop constantly to deliver packages. General traffic and impatient drivers add to the risk of wrecks.

The most common causes of these accidents include:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires drivers of commercial vehicles to take regular breaks. Unrealistic delivery schedules put undue pressure on drivers, resulting in driver carelessness. Carelessness creates unnecessary risks, putting everyone’s safety in jeopardy.

What Are Common Types of UPS Truck Accidents?

The types of accidents are similar to those involving passenger cars, but are often more catastrophic.

Common types of accidents include:

  • Wide turns. This may happen when the truck driver swings the vehicle into another lane.
  • Jackknife accidents. These occur only in tractor trailers, when the driver stops too quickly and the trailer skids into a 90-degree angle towards the cab.
  • Under ride accidents. This occurs when a smaller vehicle becomes lodged under the tractor trailer, often due to defective underride guards.
  • Head-on collisions. These devastating accidents happen when a truck veers into oncoming traffic.
  • Rear-end collisions. When one vehicle can’t stop, it ends up hitting another vehicle from behind.
  • Roll-over collisions. When a driver loses control of the truck, it may roll over onto its side, damaging anything or anyone it connects with.
  • Sideswipe accidents. These common accidents occur because a truck crosses a lane or gets too close to another vehicle.

More large UPS trucks have come on the road because of the demand for home deliveries. Delivery companies are in competition, resulting in extra pressure on the drivers to do their jobs quickly. It all adds up to a greater chance of accidents.

What Are the Legal Requirements for Maintaining UPS Trucks to Prevent Accidents?

FMCSA regulations require strict maintenance of all UPS vehicles for safety reasons. Improperly maintained vehicles are a leading cause of accidents. The federal and state Departments of Transportation require vehicles to be inspected annually.

Owners and drivers must keep well documented records of maintenance. In addition to the strict guidelines for vehicle maintenance, UPS drivers must be qualified by:

  • Being at least 21 years of age
  • Having obtained a suitable commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Receiving full training

These regulations help minimize the risk of accidents. Violating these regulations is a serious offense. Besides federal regulations, New Jersey has specific guidelines for inspections. If you’ve been involved in a collision with a UPS vehicle in New Jersey, find an experienced UPS truck accident lawyer like those at RAM Law. Protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve.

How Do I Know if the UPS Driver Was at Fault?

Evidence points to the cause of the accident. Fault is determined based on the available evidence, proving liability. Collecting evidence at the scene and after the fact falls to you and your attorney.

If you’re involved in an accident with a UPS truck, take care of your medical needs and those of your passengers. Report the accident and wait for help to arrive. In the meantime, try to gather as much evidence as possible.

This includes:

  • Getting the truck driver’s name, license number, contact information and insurance information
  • Taking photos or videos of the vehicles involved and the accident scene, including the condition of the road
  • Noting the weather conditions
  • Taking witnesses statements or at least their contact information
  • Writing your personal statement of what happened
  • Getting a copy of the official police report, if possible
  • Calling a reputable law firm like RAM Law to help you gather this evidence

Hire a lawyer who’s experienced in investigating accidents that involve delivery trucks or tractor trailers. A UPS truck accident lawyer from RAM Law has the ability and resources to investigate the cause of the accident, which determines liability. These professionals can obtain such information as the truck’s on-board camera footage, computer data and phone and maintenance records.

Who Can File a Claim for a UPS Truck Accident?

Anyone who’s been in an accident with a UPS truck has the right to file a claim. Filing a claim involving a UPS truck or any large vehicle is complicated and faces a statute of limitations of two years in New Jersey.

To file a claim, your trucking accident attorney:

  • Gathers your medical reports and documentation, including your medical bills
  • Files a legal claim with the liable parties
  • Presents evidence in court if needed
  • Files a report with local police, ensuring accuracy

You can file by yourself, but to make certain you get the compensation you deserve, hire a UPS truck accident lawyer from RAM Law. Accidents involving these large delivery vehicles are devastating, and if you’re hurt, you need to focus on healing. Insurance companies don’t have your best interest at heart. They may offer you the lowest possible settlement. Don’t accept it. Filing a claim is the only way to recover your losses.

What Compensation Can I Get in a UPS Accident Lawsuit?

You‘re entitled to total reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical expenses and losses incurred because of the accident. Compensation isn’t limited to car repairs and medical expenses, either.

Reparation also includes:

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of ability to earn wages
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering

The evidence and facts involved in the accident determine the amount of your compensation. A UPS truck accident lawyer uses documentation from your doctors, automobile repairmen, employer and others to determine your compensation while protecting your legal rights.

Don’t try to deal with a large corporation like UPS alone. The company wants to protect itself by minimizing your claim. Fight back by hiring the best UPS truck accident lawyers in New Jersey. Contact RAM Law as soon as possible after your accident.

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