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RAM Law’s Ed Rebenack settles car crash litigation for $235,000. The RAM Law client was stopped for a red light on Rt. 22 in North Plainfield, NJ, when rear-ended by the Defendant. Although an ambulance was declined at the scene, the RAM Law client was seen at the emergency room later that day with complaints of neck pain and arm numbness. An MRI of the neck eventually revealed a disc herniation in the spine and ultimately surgery was performed. The surgery involved the removal of the damaged disc and replacement with an artificial disc to help preserve mobility and function. Despite a successful surgery, the RAM Law client continued to experience numbness, weakness, and dexterity issues in her hands. The defense combed through the RAM Law client’s prior medical history which revealed a neck MRI 8 years before the crash date. However, the prior MRI did not show the same damage to the disc. The defense further pointed to 8 years of prior rheumatology records that documented hand complaints. The defenses centered around no visible damage to the rear of the RAM Law client’s vehicle, as well as the prior medical records. On the eve of trial in Somerset County, the insurance company for the Defendant agreed to pay $235,000 to avoid the risk of a jury verdict.

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