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Dockless Scooters Present New Legal Challenges

Over the course of three months in the summer of 2018, a Salt Lake City emergency room reported a 161 percent increase in scooter-related admissions compared to the previous year. In the past year or so, electric, or e-scooters, have seen a dramatic rise in popularity. Because electronic dockless scooters are a fairly new form of transportation, the law is striving to catch up when it comes to dealing with scooter accident claims involving these types of vehicles. 

Convenient Transportation, Uncertain Legal Ramifications

Because dockless scooters don’t have to be dropped off at a central docking location, they act as convenient transportation devices that partially upend the conventional wisdom about how modern transport is supposed to work. However, their compact size and fluid mobility on both sidewalks and streets have made them a potential hazard for motorists. By the same token, motor vehicle drivers must exercise due caution to preserve the safety of scooter operators. 

As dockless scooters proliferate, emergency services across the nation are seeing an increased number of scooter-related injuries requiring hospitalization. Fortunately, accident lawyers can help navigate the often-confusing legal ins and outs of cases involving neglect and hazardous driving. 

Current traffic laws fail to include restrictions regarding e-scooters; therefore, the legal ramifications surrounding scooter crashes are still somewhat uncertain. Nevertheless, there is legitimate cause for concern about the growing number of scooter-related injuries and deaths.

Recent Case May Set Precedent

scooter accident

With the evolving backlash against e-scooters, it’s no surprise that scooter-related lawsuits are on the rise. One of the most notorious of these cases was filed late in 2018 in Los Angeles County. Naming e-scooter companies and scooter manufacturers as defendants, the plaintiffs claimed that the precipitous rollout of e-scooters in the city was characterized by gross negligence and disregard for the law. Though the outcome of the case is still pending, it may yet represent an important precedent as courts try to figure out how to balance the rights of tech firms and public safety. 

Possible Sources of Scooter-Related Lawsuits

There are many situations in which e-scooter accidents can precipitate legal action. If an accident is caused by the negligence of an individual driver, the driver may be held liable for any resulting injuries. If you are riding a dockless scooter and are injured as the result of poorly maintained roads, a court may order the city to pay for all expenses stemming from the accident. If an accident is caused by the negligence of a motor vehicle driver, the driver may be held liable for any resulting injuries of the scooter operator. 

What Accident Attorneys Can Do for You

The civil court system exists to provide a way for people to recoup losses when their lives are affected by the negligence of others. If you were struck by a negligent driver while riding an e-scooter, for example, you might have to miss a lot of work during your recovery. You could even lose your job in the aftermath of such an incident if you couldn’t return to work due to the severity of your injuries. Through the court system, you can potentially recover lost wages and restore some sense of financial equilibrium. By securing an experienced accident lawyer in New Jersey, you might increase your chances of receiving due redress for any accident-related harm you may have suffered. 

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