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Why Legal Representation Matters in an Auto Accident Case

Up to 50 million people are injured in car accidents throughout the world each year. If you are the unfortunate victim of a car crash, it may be possible to obtain financial compensation. Generally speaking, it is in your best interest to pursue legal action with the help of an auto accident attorney.

You’re Too Close to the Case

It is easy to be angry, confused, or otherwise in a poor mental state after a car crash. You may be wondering how you will provide for your family, pay medical bills, and cover other expenses while out of work. It is natural to attempt to hold as many parties responsible for the accident as possible.

However, any decision made in your case will be influenced either by the law or an attempt by a negligent party to limit his or her liability. Your auto accident attorney will understand this and create a legal strategy that both conforms with the law and is in your best interest.

While the pace of your case may be slower than you would like at times, it is almost always better to do what the law says as opposed to what might bring instant gratification. If you make any mistakes in pursuing compensation, opposing counsel may use it as leverage to have the matter dismissed.

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Focus On Your Recovery

You are likely under significant emotional stress in the aftermath of a car crash. Therefore, it may be best to spend your time seeking counseling or taking other steps to improve your mental health. Trying to learn about the nuances of personal injury law is generally the opposite of calm and peaceful.

Your auto accident attorney will be able to gather relevant evidence and talk to witnesses on your behalf. He or she can also hold negotiation talks with the parties that may be negligent for your injuries. In many cases, they will have more respect for an attorney and take his or her actions more seriously than those of an injured victim.

Ultimately, you stand to make a stronger case by allowing a legal professional to handle it for you. If money is a concern, it is important to note that most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. Furthermore, they generally only get paid if you win, and that money may be separate from any compensation that you get for physical or emotional pain.

Do You Know Whether to Settle or Go to Court?

You may not know whether or not taking a settlement offer is in your best interest. It is not uncommon for insurance companies or other parties to offer settlements that may seem like a lot of money. However, they may not be enough to handle long-term care costs or make up for your lost future earnings.

Even if you do get enough to meet your needs over the long-term, the amount that you are offered may not be all that the law allows you to collect. It is also important to consider that statutes of limitations may impact your ability to file a lawsuit. A car accident attorney will know about these limitations and how to protect against losing the right to sue if necessary.

A Judge May Not Tolerate Your Inexperience

The judge in your case may not have much patience for someone who has little or no legal experience. At a minimum, you may be assigned a counselor to help you with paperwork or other procedural matters. It is also important to note that other parties in the case will likely have professional legal representation of their own. It is generally not a good idea to go into court at a disadvantage like that.

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