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Importance of Quick Investigation

RAM Law’s attorneys are experienced in getting the information necessary to protect your rights. As quickly as possible we launch a complete investigation. The evidence gathered immediately after your accident will be critical to prepare your case for trial or settlement negotiations. The initial investigation will help identify those at fault for your accident and identify avenues for gathering information. The goal is to preserve any relevant evidence and create a list of all witnesses that may be helpful in the preparation of your case.

RAM Law’s attorneys have substantial resources at their disposal to assist in this initial investigation, including investigators. The type of investigation that is necessary depends largely on the type of case. Regardless of the type of case, there is generally some type of evidence which requires immediate preservation or notification of a person or organization to preserve specific evidence. In a premises liability case, for example (a case where you’re injured on someone else’s property), it may be necessary to have a photographer document the accident site before it is changed, or have an engineer perform an inspection so that they may credibly present their opinions at the time of trial. While you can always decide if you want to file a lawsuit at anytime up to the statute of limitations date, you only have one opportunity to preserve the evidence surrounding your accident.

Preserving the Story

Making sure that the memories of those that were involved or witnessed the accident is of critical importance. RAM Law’s attorneys are skilled at identifying sources of potential information and taking the steps necessary to document the recollections of those people that will be important to building your case. We will help you document the details of your accident and where appropriate, obtain statements from other witnesses. Documenting this information will help us present a clear and accurate case to the jury, when it is time for your day in court or for presentation of your claim in another forum for resolution.

Proper Notice of those Responsible

Attorneys are experts at determining what legal notices must be provided to those potentially responsible to you to preserve your legal rights. Whether it is a governmental entity that must be notified of your possible claim or an insurance company that insurers the party that caused your injury, RAM Law’s attorneys will act to notify those responsible so that your right to recover is preserved. Part of your potential recovery could include expenses associated with medical treatment. It is important to notify those that are responsible for your medical bills as quickly as possible as your ability to have those bills paid, or be reimbursed, may be affected by the timing of your notification. Additionally, failure to notify an insurance company of a potential claim could limit your ability to recover. Contacting an attorney quickly can protect you against any of these risks should you decide to pursue a case.

Filing Suit

New Jersey limits the time within which you can file a personal injury claim and that time limit is two years from the time that you should have reasonably known that you had a claim. Generally, this timeframe begins running on the day of your accident. If you don’t file a complaint in the appropriate court, within this timeframe, you will be barred from ever bringing your claim.

Consulting an attorney immediately after your accident gives you the best opportunity to bring your claim in its strongest state, should you choose to pursue it. RAM Law’s attorneys welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your claim or accident.

This article is not a legal opinion. It is for informational purposes only and every case is dependent upon its specific facts and circumstances. Do not act on this information without consulting professional legal counsel. Publication of this article and your receipt of this article does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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