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Monmouth County is a growing area near the north Jersey Shore that’s often in the path of dramatic weather like Nor’easters and hurricanes. It’s within the New York Metro area. While there aren’t many major freeways running through the county, you may need the help of a Monmouth County truck accident attorney for an accident occurring on one of the many secondary roads that are heavily traveled by trucks. Call RAM Law if you end up in an accident in Monmouth County; they know the area and what it takes to discover the cause and liability involved in your trucking accident.

How Do Truck Drivers Cause Accidents in New Jersey and New York?

Driver error is the number one cause of trucking accidents in New York and New Jersey. Driving a truck requires a different set of skills than any other vehicle, and yet the consequences of driver mistakes typically are far worse and sometimes fatal.

The main reason truck driver negligence causes accidents is a lack of sufficient training, causing drivers to:

  • Panic in the face of obstacles in the road or with their truck
  • Fall asleep because they push themselves without the required breaks
  • Rely on stimulants or other drugs to meet company demands
  • Make poor decisions
  • Become distracted by the radio, GPS or their phones

No matter what the cause, when you find yourself in a trucking accident in Monmouth County, rely on the best Monmouth County truck accident attorney at RAM Law. Contact these experts to take your case and find out who needs to be held liable: the driver or the trucking company.

How Are Trucking Accident Claims Different?

Trucking accident claims are more complicated than auto accident claims. In addition to causing more intensive injuries and significant damages, they’re subject to different kinds of rules and regulations. There are even varying rules for the most common types of truck accidents,  trucking companies and road types.

To ensure that you get fair compensation for all your damages and medical bills, contact the best Monmouth County truck accident lawyer at RAM Law. Don’t be bullied by an insurance company. Allow the legal experts to gather the evidence and take care of the settlement process while you focus on your recovery.

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