Do I have to cooperate with my car insurance company after a car accident?

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Do I have to cooperate with my car insurance company after a car accident? Yes, to a certain extent. If you are involved in a car accident, your insurance coverage will be important to you for several reasons:

  1. If you are injured, your insurance may provide Personal Injury Protection benefits for medical treatment and lost wages;
  2. If your car was damaged, your insurance may provide payment for repairs and a car rental;
  3. If you are sued by another person involved in the accident, your insurance will provide coverage and a legal defense. To remain eligible for all of these coverages, you will be required to cooperate with your insurance company to a certain extend.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after a car accident. If you were injured in the accident, indicate such to your insurance company. Your insurance company will open a P.I.P. claim that should pay for medical treatment. Generally, you may seek medical attention to any health provider of your choosing. During the course of your medical treatment, your insurance carrier may require you to appear for an Independent Medical Examination to determine if you need additional treatment. The insurance carrier may also request a recorded statement to determine the extent of your injuries. Both are fairly routine and usually require your cooperation if you are seeking additional treatment and payment of bills. However, there are limitations to the insurance company’s requests and you should discuss the issue with an attorney to assist in ensuring that you are not doing anything to jeopardize continued benefits or a future personal injury case.

If you intentionally lie or fail to disclose certain information to your insurance carrier, the carrier retains an option to deny benefits. However, any decision to deny benefits or cut-off medical treatment after an Independent Medical Examination can be challenged. It is important to consult with a car accident attorney who specializes in this type of law.

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