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How to Spot and Avoid Distracted Drivers

How to Identify and Steer Clear of Distracted Drivers Distracted driving was a phrase we rarely heard before cellphones became ubiquitous, and most people today associate the alarming rise in distracted driving and distracted drivi...

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Top Causes of Malpractice Claims Involving Nurses

Primary Causes of Malpractice Claims Involving Nurses In a hospital, nurses and other medical professionals can make mistakes as a result of the high pressure and challenges associated with their work. Over 250,000 people die every...

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Some Risks That Teenage Drivers Face

What Are the Top Risks Faced by Teen Drivers? No matter how much experience they have, all motorists face risks when they get behind the wheel, but for teen drivers, those risks are often magnified. Despite making up only 5.1% of all li...

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Injuries at New Jersey Ski Resorts

by Matt Bonanno, Esq. New Jersey Ski Resort Injuries: What You Can Do Injuries occur on New Jersey's slopes at a rising rate, reaching nearly 50 severe or fatal injuries in the past few years. There are only three ski resort...

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Commercial Trucking Insurance Rates Haven’t Increased Since 1980

by Ed Rebenack, Esq. A report by the Truck Safety Coalition indicates that the $750,000 insurance requirement for commercial trucks carrying standard freight hasn't increased in more than 40 years. A New Jersey truck crash lawyer w...

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Why Larger Vehicles Are More Dangerous to Pedestrians

by Ed Rebenack, Esq. Why SUVs and Pickups Pose an Added Danger to Pedestrians According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), nearly 55,000 pedestrians were injured in motor vehicle accidents in 20...

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New Jersey’s Statute of Limitations for Minors

by Craig Aronow, Esq. Breaking Down New Jersey's Statute of Limitations for Minors The New Jersey statute of limitations defines the timeframe within which an individual has to have their personal injury claim filed. This is...

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Preexisting Injuries and Accident Insurance Claims

by Craig Aronow, Esq. How Preexisting Injuries Are Handled in Car Accident Claims Motor vehicle accidents on U.S. roadways result in 4.4 million injuries annually that require medical attention. This statistic does not encom...

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What Happens If You Slip and Fall on Ice and Are Injured?

by Jay Mascolo, Esq. What to Do After a Slip and Fall on Ice New Jersey is known for freezing cold winters with snow and ice. As a result, it's important for property owners to keep the areas surrounding their buildings prop...

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What Do You Need to Know About Slips and Falls on Ice?

Slips and Falls on Ice: Do You Have a Claim? Every year, approximately 1 million people in the U.S. become injured from a slip and fall on ice and snow. You should know what to do in this situation, ideally before it happens, so that yo...

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